Healthy Economy Through a Cleaner Environment


Jacksonville’s one party establishment want us to believe that we must choose between a healthy environment and a healthy economy. They gain from this division, but we know that through smart decision making and innovation we can maintain both. Through proper investment Jacksonville can be a major innovator for green energy industries. Some of us can remember a time when Jacksonville had a fairly poor reputation because of corporations that put profits over each citizen’s right to clean air. We have made remarkable advancements through finding common ground and balancing industrial production with environmental necessities. Let’s continue on this path to a more prosperous and clean future.

One issue that has come up recently in our community is the dredging of the St. John’s River. Our river is the reason why Jacksonville exists in the first place. It was what attracted Alfred duPont to our city in the nearly a hundred years ago. Ever since it has been a major tourism draw along with our access to the beach.  We still do not know enough if the cost and the environmental impact of dredging would be of benefit to our community. There are deeper ports in the Caribbean, but none of them have a channel that is as accessible as ours, nor do any ports on the eastern seaboard have access to three major interstate highways as ours does. Jaxport will remain a vital entry and we can maintain the natural beauty of the St. John’s River so long as we keep this in mind.