Common Sense Gun Rights


Law abiding citizens should have access to legal weapons for sport and protection, we must find ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those who want to do us harm. Nearly every single day we hear about another shooting right here in the Jacksonville area. These losses are all too preventable but only if we support our local police officers and get illegal firearms off our streets. Individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence should not have access to firearms. We should also close the gun show loophole which allows young children and criminals to obtain deadly weapons.

Most importantly we need to end the grip that the NRA has had on our community for an entire generation. What began in the thirties as a legitimate sportsmen’s organization has devolved into the fear-mongering arm of the establishment party machine. So much so, that all a local politician has to do is slap an NRA sticker on their website and never have to deal with the voting public again. The two heads of this lobbying group make well over a million dollars a year not because they protect people’s second amendment rights but because they turn us against one another and stop us from achieving common-sense, responsible gun ownership by lawful citizens.