Get Money Out of Our Politics


There are many ways to limit the influence of the special interests and corporations. All we lack is the political will to enact these common sense measures. However, some things cannot be solved through legislation. It will be up to us, the citizens, to educate ourselves and support politicians who are not primarily backed by lobbying organizations and special interests. Fundamental and sound policies will not be enacted until the party establishment loses its grip on power. Sometimes it seems that the best of us have lacked conviction but we have the power to change this. We need to demand more from the politicians to whom we have entrusted our government. We have been far too complacent in caring for our democracy and the result is that the monied interests have completely taken over. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by wedge issues that only cause us to direct our anger to one another, we know that we can fix Washington but only by working together. Democracy cannot function without our input.