We Deserve a Legislature That Works For Us, Not the Corporations


The following is a list of local, state and national issues that are near and dear to the people of Jacksonville. The great Tip O’Neill is credited with the observation that “all politics is local” and it was as true in the eighties as it is today. You may agree or disagree with my views, such is your right as an American. Ronald Reagan himself said that we should never all agree 100 % of the time. One thing is certain for us here in Jax though: twenty years of one party establishment rule has sold our legislative body to the highest bidders. This should end in 2018.

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Agreed: We Are ALL Anti-Traffic

No matter who you are or where you stand on any issue, no matter if you choose ...

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Get Money Out of Our Politics

There are many ways to limit the influence of the special interests and corporations. All we lack ...

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End the Establishment Power Monopoly

Our great city of Jacksonville has been ruled by an entrenched establishment party at nearly every level ...

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Support Education Not Standardized Testing

Our childrens’ education is and shall continue to be a local issue. Here in Jacksonville we can ...

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Law Enforcement and Protection

No law abiding citizen should feel threatened by the men and women who have sworn to protect ...

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Healthy Economy Through a Cleaner Environment

Jacksonville’s one party establishment want us to believe that we must choose between a healthy environment and ...

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Equal Protection Under the Law

No one should be discriminated in any way on the basis of their religion, skin color or ...

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Common Sense Gun Rights

Law abiding citizens should have access to legal weapons for sport and protection, we must find ways ...

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Health Care Drives Innovation and Productivity

No one, not the government nor our employers, has any right to restrict our access to basic ...

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Freedom of Religion

Our freedom to practice our religion should not be informed in any way by the government. I ...

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